See the Forest EP

by Wester Green

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See the Forest, a short conceptual collection of songs from Wester Green, takes the familiar expression, "Can't see the forest for the trees," and exhaustively examines its every minute detail; unpacking it, laying it out in a wide swath (with lush folk and post-rock instrumentation) for the listener, all before swiftly and neatly tucking it back into that dense and thought provoking seven-worded phrase.


released June 26, 2015

Performed by Adam Watkins, Josh Green, Alyssa Walker
and Rudy Faas

Mixing and Mastering by Kendall Fowler

Produced by Josh Green and Adam Watkins

Artwork by Bethany Allen

Recorded at MCC Studio

All songs by Wester Green © 2015



all rights reserved


Wester Green Richmond, Virginia

Usually we are Adam, Josh, Tyler and Ethan.

Sometimes good.

Always sad.


  • Jul 27
    Richmond, VA

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Track Name: See the Forest
When the wolves surround your every side
And the shadows of the willow trees
Look like, monsters in the night

You gotta stick to your guns
You gotta hold to your sights

Though an army is raging, against your walls
And the sirens got you straying
From the path on which you crawl

Burn down your bridges
Burn down your boats
Cause we're never gonna turn around
Why don't you open up your wide eyes?
And see the forest?
Track Name: Sinking Ships
When we were young we had fire
Bleeding out of our veins
Like gods we marched out in the storms
The world was ours to rule and reign

Then the night grew long
You couldn't find the trees you marked
The woods now shelter for your head
And it suffocates your heart

Oh if I could just touch you babe
If you could just

Let it go
You're holding onto it like I'm holding onto you
Let it go
You're sinking this ship like there ain't nothing to lose

The mire and clay calloused your hands
Your eyes now blinded by night
So wake to find the printed ground
And you can follow close behind

Let it go
You're holding back on me like I'm holding out on you
Let it go
You're scared of the seas like there ain't nothing the lose
Track Name: Wayward
Hunt me down
Cause I'm on the run
Like an outlaw like wild prey
Escaping the gun

Count me out
For all I've done
I've been eating out of enemy hands
Like a wayward son

You keep comin'
You keep comin' after me

Find me now
I've buried myself alive
In the woods of my own regrets
I've been blinded by my own sight